“Life is all about creating yourself”

This has been one of my favorite quotes ever since I was in my early twenties.



Story time

I was close to completing my Bachelor's in Science at the Technological Institute of Athens when I knew the time to decide on a career path was nearing.  Who do you want to be when you 'grow up' Eftihia? This was the troubling question day and night. Do you want to be a  Food Technology Scientist or do you want to take a leap of faith and do everything in your power to pursue a career as a musician? You see, it was not a question of ability, it was a question of passion. My brain was telling me that I would be good on either path, but my gut argued that I could only be exceptional if I delivered from the heart. My heart was into the arts; creating, performing, teaching. That is when I decided to switch careers. 

With hard work, resilience, and intention, you can be whoever you choose to be. That is why I love the quote:

Life is all about creating yourself.


"You are a working masterpiece for as long as you live" -  podcast quote


Performer, Chamber Musician, Teacher and Lecturer

Greek flutist Dr. Eftihia (audio?) Arkoudis is an Adjunct Flute Instructor and Lecturer at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland.

In addition to her academic teaching duties, she offers her services as an Associate Flute and Piano Instructor at West Virginia University Community Music Progam and her online services through the European company Music Tutor Online. She also maintains her own private studio through which she teaches flute, piano, and music theory to students of all ages with and without learning or physical disabilities. Lessons are available online or in-person. 

As a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician, Dr. Arkoudis has won several competitions and has performed with numerous ensembles in prestigious venues of Greece, Turkey, Austria, and Germany. She is a founding member of the award-winning ensemble BETA Quartet and a Trevor James Low Flutes Artist. 

 About Dr.Arkoudis

M Y  T E A C H I N G  S E R V I C E S

No matter the reason you have chosen to incorporate music in your daily life, I am here to help you cultivate your passion and build your dream brick by brick. I will guide you in your pursuit of learning music for the first time, re-acquintaining yourself with your instrument, participating in your child's education,  improving your performance skills, or reaching specific goals in your musical path this far. 


Teaching you, is my mission.  


Beginner - Amateur - Professional

Lessons are available online through Skype and ZOOM or at the comfort of your own home.

$20 - $60


Beginner - Intermediate

Lessons are available online through Skype and ZOOM or at the comfort of your own home.



Supplementary to Lessons

Lessons are available online through Skype and ZOOM or at the comfort of your own home.



Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

S T U D I O  P O L I C I E S


I view myself as a model, mentor, and coach, whose outmost responsibility is to foster a creative and well-rounded learning environment that instills confidence, work ethic, pioneering thinking, and artistic growth. 

Welcome to EVA flute studio!

I am looking forward to working with you in the beautiful world of music. I am very happy that you have chosen to enhance your life with music and chose the flute to do so. On my behalf, I promise to make each lesson special and hope to make music a big part of your life!  Email: evarkoudis@mix.wvu.edu , Phone number: 304 – 703 – 9801.

Studio Policies help teachers to clarify to students and parents their studio goals, rules and business policies; they create topics for discussion and communication and finally, become a guide that we will all follow.




  1. A flute in a very good condition (I would gladly offer you my assistance, experience and advise).

  2. A big and steady music stand for practicing at home.

  3. A clef - lined notebook and a metronome - tuner (two at the price of one).

  4. All sheet music and other texts needed during the semester has to be purchased by each student individually. (If facing a financial difficulty, I will give you alternative solutions).

  5. An SD – card (we video tape all lessons) or a recording device. Whatever is more convenient.

  6. A pencil, an eraser and a small notebook. Or your pencil case if you are obsessed with graphic material. J




Payment will be monthly and I accept either cash or check. Tuition is due on the first day of each month. For each week that tuition is not received a late fee of 10$ will be charged. Tuition fee includes the lesson hours, copies of textbooks or sheet music, printing of program notes, music theory and history perspective, registration with my studio.   The studio has two annual recitals which are not included in the fee below.



Tuition: I suggest sessions of 60 minutes every week or every other week for all levels. It is more effective.

60$ for 60 minutes.

Furthermore, 60 minutes sessions are available for students who wish only for coaching sessions when preparing for competitions or concerts



You will be receiving an invoice/receipt for each payment you issue on hardcopy.  If in any case parents are finding it difficult to meet those fees, please contact me and we will work something out. Your child’s education comes first.


It’s important for you to be aware that I reserve a spot for each student monthly. Even if the student is absent the lesson has to be paid. No absence is considered an excuse. Even when you have your flute at the repair shop or have not practiced well for the week, progress can be made. Please inform me in advance if you are aware of missing a lesson so that we can make it up. Also, in case the school is closed due to bad weather, we can reschedule the lesson. {HARSH LANGUAGE - CHANGE COMPLETELY}

I honestly recommend make – up lessons. If during a busy period our schedules do not coincide there is always the alternative of swapping lesson time with another flutist in the studio. You will all have each other’s contact information from the beginning of the semester and get to know each other very well through our group sessions.




Each student is encouraged to mark both recital dates of our studio in their calendar and make the effort to participate. This is an opportunity for parents to enjoy the progress of their children and for students to perform in front of an audience. I aim our summer concert to take place at a small theater.

Once a month a group meeting is scheduled and all students are expected to attend. We all gather together, listen to each other perform and take notes. This motivates team spirit, eliminates performance stress and awakens personal judgment. Some of those studio class meetings could include masterclasses given by acclaimed flutists in the field. Additionally, I advise my students to participate in competitions, festivals, seminars, etc. and I am available for coaching after request.

Advanced students are obliged to have their own semester plan and take notes after observing their lesson videos. All students must listen to recordings during the week so that we can discuss it during lesson.




Parents should consider their influence of great importance and make sure their children have an uninterrupted practice session at home. Both parent and child should feel committed to this exciting new activity. Nothing can come out of those lessons if the student doesn’t show willingness and commitment. For this reason, I will be suggesting appropriate practice sessions to each student separately according to needs. I expect my students to be prepared for their lessons. If they have not met their practice requirements three consecutive times, I have the right to dismiss them from the studio.


  • Accompanist:

Studio provides an accompanist when needed during class or recitals. Every advanced students is more than welcome to bring their own accompanist. Generally, I suggest a subscription with Smartmusic.com, which allows you to have a ‘pianist’ at home for free via your computer.


If a student wishes to interrupt all interaction I shall be notified one month prior.


Media Release:


Photos of students, video and audio recordings of student projects and performances may be posted online on the studio’s official webpage. Of course, parents who wish to exclude their children from the media release have every right to do so. All I need is a written exclusion request.



Parents are more than welcome to observe our lessons if they want. This is something I usually recommend for beginners since it shows commitment and interest. However, I advise parents to not do it excessively. Students need to also feel they can step on their own two feet. As the ancient Greeks used to say:

T E A C H I N G  P H I L O S O P H Y  

 Teaching is a profession of great caliber and it brings me great joy to be part of it. As a teacher, I do not take my role lightly. I view myself as a model, mentor, and coach, whose outmost responsibility is to foster a creative and well-rounded learning environment that instills confidence, work ethic, pioneering thinking, and artistic growth.


At the core of my teaching philosophy lies my passion to help my students build their dreams brick by brick.


Whether my students are  at the beginning stages of learning the flute, in their undergraduate or graduate studies, I handle, or revisit matters of posture, hand placement, proper breathing and breath management, embouchure position, tone production and intonation, to ensure they have a solid foundation upon which to build their artistic voice. Drawing from my background as a dancer, I bring awareness to the significance of our bodies not only in mastering the art of flute playing, but also in reducing performance anxiety, and attaining an inviting stage presence. When young musicians begin to feel comfortable in their own body they begin to believe in themselves more. It is then that they demonstrate the motivation necessary to reach their full potential as musicians.


Having lived, studied, and worked as a musician and teacher in three different countries, I advocate for the combination of resilience and hard work being the key towards achieving academic and career excellence. For that reason, I set an overall high level of standards from the start and tailor the learning experience to the individual needs allowing them to meet those expectations at their own pace. I teach them how to receive and exercise criticism as well as how to transform the practice room into a magical place of productivity and enjoyment. One way we achieve this is by video-recording the lessons and listening back to it.  The student is then asked to complete a self-assessment. The process of journaling develops critical thinking that teaches them by example how to be their own best teachers. It also assists them with retaining pertinent information crucial to their improvement.


My teaching methods, which highlight the best of the French, German, and American School of flute playing, focus on acquiring a supple and open projecting tone, developing dynamic contrast and musical expression, striving for note and rhythmical accuracy, finger agility and dexterity, deliberate use of vibrato, tone coloration and clear articulation. For most of these playing aspects, I employ the methods of Marcel Moyse, Taffanel & Gaubert, Trevor Wye, M.A. Reichert, Phillipe Bernold, Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke, Carmen Marulanda, and selected exercises from a number of sources I have studied or collected throughout the years. My students learn to play all major and minor scales, including arpeggios, chromatic scales, and scales in thirds, fourths, fifths, etc., by memory, prepare daily exercises and etudes according to their strengths and weaknesses, and are given thorough instruction on their selected flute repertoire. 


As I desire to ‘raise’ diverse musicians knowledgeable with matters of flute history and repertoire, I advocate for the mastery of all genres from baroque to modern music of the twentieth or twenty first century, including orchestral music and the practice of extended flute techniques. Moreover, I create individual or collaborative assignments that require they seek out literary sources, attend concerts, listen to recordings, study the full score of a work, and memorize parts, if not the complete work they are currently working on.


My aspiration is to see my students have their own stories to tell and carve their own path. I wish to see them attain what they have envisioned for themselves because that is what will make them successful future performers, colleagues and teachers. I would like for them to broaden their horizons, travel to other countries, collaborate with other artists, composers, and musicians, enter competitions, perform at masterclasses, attend seminars and festivals. As a professional musician who has been very active from a young age, I found myself in places and situations that I would have never imagined before. It is those experiences that further shape an artist’s character and distinguish him or her within the musical and flute community.

©2020  Eftihia V. Arkoudis  - Performer, Teacher, and Lecturer

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